relationship status: DESPERATE.

25 Dec

So I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a reality tv fanatic. Put a camera in front of ANYONE (almost) to watch them in their natural environment and I’m there. Sure, it’s sort of awkward when I know the comings and goings of every celebrity on the planet, but whatever.

Anyway. I’m sitting here (on Christmas Eve, mind you) watching Teen Mom 2. Now, if I look beyond the clear brokenness that is teen pregnancy, heartbreak, domestic abuse, and financial instability, there is one HUGE issue. And it’s the issue that seems to plague every reality show (and real life, I guess): Relationships. 

These teen moms battle between staying with their baby daddy or moving on to the next best thing. It is painful to watch these girls struggle in their relationships. Whether it is their child’s father walking out, never really walking in in the first place, domestic violence, divorce, reconciliation, even death, these relationships are ridden with pain. Yet, in interviews, the only thing these girls focus on including the interviewer, is their next relationship.

My only question is, what are they thinking?

They’re missing the point. EVERYONE seems to be missing the point. In college, it feels like every girl feels pressure to find the next guy. It gets to a certain point, it seems, that standards go out the window and it doesn’t really matter that these guys are total crap. We have lost of sense of patience and go after anyone that matches our ideal gender match.

I find it a bit ridiculous.

We look for someone to complete us. We are told that having a guy is exactly what we need. Everything will be better if only we had that one perfect guy to finish out the perfect picture. He will look good on our facebook profile, he will be the perfect addition to our family dinners, and he will relieve the pressure of needing a boyfriend. So, if he isn’t exactly what I’m looking for, that’s fine, right?


We have two major issues here. First, we look for a guy to complete us. Our hearts desire perfection. Our hearts are DESIGNED to desire perfection. Yet, we become so tainted by society that we begin to accept love from people who don’t come close to anything we deserve.

And it’s time to stop. 

A guy won’t fill us up. At all. They weren’t designed to. Relationships were designed to point us to our perfect Lover. 

Jesus said in John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” The evil that is undoubtedly in a lot of these relationships destroys us because we don’t understand what it looks like to know the ultimate Love.

It’s simple. Jesus offers an abundant life. Seek Him first. Find a man who does the same. Image


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